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Can Smoke Detectors Survive Water Damage?

Published by 911 Restoration Boston MA on March 30, 2022 in category: Fire Damage Repair

911 Restoration Water Damage BostonSmoke alarms and detectors are incredibly useful tools to have in your home, as they can save your life. Unfortunately, however, most people have experienced false alarms from these smoke detectors, making them less effective than they should be. That’s why it’s imperative to keep your smoke detector and alarm system charged and clean at all times, and don’t put them in places where they may get damaged due to water. Doing so will prevent false alarms and may even save you and your family when there is an actual fire in your home.

Many people have wondered whether their smoke detectors can work perfectly fine if they have been damaged by water. The answer to that is a resounding no because smoke detectors and alarm systems rely on batteries, and if water gets into a battery source, it will corrupt the entire system. Therefore, you’re better off purchasing a brand new smoke detector than using one that has been damaged by water. 

The Problem with Water and Smoke Detectors

One of the main issues that smoke detectors have with water is that water is wet, and the machinery inside the smoke detector won’t react well to that. On top of that, the water vapor coming out from a bathroom as you’re taking a hot shower can have the same effect on the system as that of smoke. That may cause your smoke detector to start going off, and if it doesn’t, the condensation on the smoke detector isn’t conducive to its functionality at all. 

Apart from that, water leaking from the roof of your home can also get into your smoke detector, causing the wiring to malfunction, and your smoke detector may go off or may stop working entirely. Keep in mind that if you’re installing a fire alarm near a water source, the water can easily get inside the system. Once inside the smoke detector, the water will corrode all the wires and damage the smoke detector’s electrical wiring system and circuitry. 

What Should You Do With Water Damaged Smoke Detectors?

A smoke detector that has been damaged or corrupted by water is of no use to you, as it will often set false alarms inside the home or not work at all. You can use it for decorative purposes or throw it out of the home entirely; the choice is yours. Most people tend to use smoke detectors as decorative pieces, where they will have them hanging on the walls or the doors, usually as a sign not to smoke indoors or to show that there is a smoking hazard inside. 

The primary purpose of the smoke detector and alarm system won’t function as it won’t go off if there is smoke inside the house to warn you of a potential fire. It will only be an ornament that will decorate your walls. Therefore, you can choose to throw it away and purchase a new one, but make sure that you don’t install your new smoke detector in the same spot as the last one. 

You should first fix the problem of the leaking water or condensation build-up in that section of your home before installing a new smoke detector. That’s because the new smoke detector will fall victim to the same faults that befell the previous one, and you will not get value for your money. Also, it’s not wise to install a new smoke detector in the place of the older one as if it didn’t work last time; it won’t work the next time. 

Install Waterproof Smoke Detectors

If you’re worried about water damaging your smoke detector and fire alarm system, the best thing you can do is to get waterproof smoke detectors. These are incredible devices that can survive water damage and notify you if there is significant smoke build-up inside your home. They are potential lifesavers and will help those individuals whose homes have flooded and are worried about a fire situation occurring in their homes. 

Keep in mind that waterproof smoke detectors tend to be expensive, so you will be spending a significant amount of money getting one. Nevertheless, they are worth every penny, so you shouldn’t be worried about getting value for money if you choose to get one installed in your home. 

Call 911 Restoration of Boston

If you’re worried about fire or smoke damage in your home or have a water-damaged smoke detector system installed in your home, call 911 Restoration of Boston today. We have helped numerous homeowners with faulty smoke detectors and fire alarm systems and provided emergency fire damage restoration services and repair work. 

You can never tell when disaster may strike, but smoke detectors are meant to warn you about potential fires. Getting a waterproof smoke detector may help save your life, especially if your home has suffered water damage and you’re worried about a fire hazard. Get in touch with us today. 

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