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Fire Damage Restoration Boston

Eli Elfasi, founder of 911 Restoration Boston, wants to ensure homeowners that he is here for them in all manners of fire damage restoration that spans from water removal to smoke remediation.

Fire Damage Restoration Tech Conducting Floor Replacement“Accidents happen fast, and that means we have to react faster,” says Eli. He want you to be sure that you can count on us to be there during an emergency, because we are available 24/7/365 to provide take your call and schedule an appointment.

In order to better assist you, our fire damage restoration Boston specialists are standing by around the clock, so you can call our pros any time you need help cleaning up a water disaster. Home and business owners understand how important it is to have a reliable home restoration company nearby to help when a fire occurs, such as the fire damage restoration Boston agents.

“Homeowners can trust that when they are with us they are going to get a fresh start that is fast and affordable. Everyone deserves a second chance after a fire, and that is exactly what we do best,” Eli says proudly.

The insured, licensed, and bonded fire damage restoration Boston team values professionalism, so when you call us you receive full transparency. At every step of the way, you will know exactly what is going on, and we do that for you to rest easy.

Homeowners can feel secure knowing that when agents are on the job that our fire damage restoration Boston specialists work with IICRC certified technicians that are trained to remediate all types of comprehensive restoration by providing you with services, such as:

  • Restoration of charred flooring
  • Cleanup of tar and ash residue
  • Removal of burned possessions
  • Complete comprehensive home repair
  • Smoke stain cleanup
  • Fire Damage Restoration restoration
  • Smoke deodorization
  • Removal of fire extinguishing chemicals

Our fire damage restoration Boston unit never wants to make you wait long for help when dealing with water, especially since our operation guarantees to arrive as soon as we can, so we can get the process started.

When you reach out to our fire damage restoration Boston crew you can be sure that we will get to your home quickly after the fire fighters have put out the flames, because our unit never want to make you wait when you are dealing with a fire.

You can always trust that our fire damage restoration Boston operation is prepared to take on any job due to their rigorous training in the home restoration field. So, call our fire damage restoration Boston workers when you need a company that you can contact literally anytime, and our members will provide you with a free home inspection as soon as we get on the scene.

Looking at Fire Damage With New Eyes For A Vibrant Start

“The fire damage restoration Boston team is all about looking for the silver lining. Every negative can be looked at in a positive way. People need new perspectives, and that is what gets their minds to a more positive track. A fire is not the end. It is the beginning of something better,” Eli comments in regards to what the fresh start means.

Living Room Renovation After Fire Damage

Fires are covered by homeowner’s insurance, so do not worry if your kitchen catches fire. After the flames are extinguished, give us a call and your house will be better than it was before.

Imagine getting a new kitchen, for free. That is what we mean by putting a positive twist on life. Smoke and odor will not be a problem in your new kitchen because the fire damage restoration Boston technicians we hire am to freshen your home.

We know how to use industrial-standard vacuums, and surface chemicals to rid your home of smoke and ash. The fire damage restoration Boston team starts by removing any water left behind by jet streams, while deodorizing the home. We are thorough enough that things like mold and strange smells will never be encountered by the homeowner in the future.

Afterwards, any materials that cannot be restored are replaced, but this time they get completely overhauled because we use high-end flame retardant material—which means that they can withstand high temperatures. 

On top of fire damage, water damage is also a factor that takes place during the extinguishing of the flames. The fire hoses pump hundreds of gallons of water into the home, which can create even more problems outside of the char, ash and smoke.

There only needs to be a small amount of water present to cause mold spores to grow, which is why our fire damage restoration Boston agents to conduct a free visual mold inspection where we check every corner of your property once the fire damage has been remediated. 

The water damage that is left after a fire has the ability to create structural issues on the property and mold growth. Our fire damage restoration Boston specialists understand that when the moisture generated from the fire hoses are left to stagnate in your home or business for an extended period of time, then mold spores can grow into a full infestation. 

Our crew wants business and homeowners to be aware that mold has the ability to cause breathing troubles and other allergy-like symptoms, and our fire damage restoration Boston pros do not want to have you worry about any of that while in the midst of dealing with a fire. So, if you are need of professional and fast fire damage restoration, call our fire damage Boston experts today!

Fire Damage Prevention Advice From Eli

Eli knows that the most cost-effective solution to fire damage is prevention. “It’s not about business, it is about leading the Boston community by supporting it. I do this for Boston, and in our experience there are a lot of small things homeowners can do to save on big trouble,” Eli says.

Fire Damage Restoration Van At HeadquartersFurthermore, it also helps when homeowners know how to recognize the proper way to put out a flame depending on the type of fire.

For example, a grease fire should not be put out with water nor should it be moved. If one does occur, then the best thing to do is to turn the burner off, and allow the flame to extinguish itself.

Another type of fire is an oven fire, which can be safely handled by simply keeping the oven closed and allowing the fire to burn all of the oxygen. Ovens are designed to take on a lot of heat, so there will be no worry of it spreading if you keep it shut.

Here are great fire avoidance tips from the fire damage restoration Boston team at 911 Restoration.

  • Check home appliances for cords that are degraded. If you find bare wire exposed, then throw the appliance away.
  • Keep combustible and flammable supplies (aerosol cans or jerry cans) away from sources with constant flame ignitions (space heaters and kitchen stoves).
  • Check smoke detectors monthly and replace as needed.

Making you feel comfortable with the renovation work is the main focus of our fire damage restoration Boston technicians, and when we arrive our agents will immediately let you know that we have the situation under control.

Reassuring you as soon as our fire damage restoration Boston specialists arrive on the scene, is important to make homeowners feel comfortable with all the work that is going to be done to their home, limiting any confusion once the process begins.

It is important for our fire damage restoration Boston operation to always keep homeowners notified on the status of the restoration work to ensure that there are no surprises at any moment of the process. 

Our fire damage restoration Boston pros want you to understand that this assistance also applies to the financial side of things. A major part of the home restoration procedure is working with the insurance companies, something that our fire damage restoration Boston workers have a lot of experience with.

If you need the assistance, our fire damage restoration Boston members will file your insurance claim for you, and our techs do all the follow up work needed to get you the coverage you deserve. Even if for some reason your claim is not covered by your insurance company, you can rest assured knowing that our fire damage restoration Boston experts offer affordable prices on all of our water damage services.

Our crew will file your insurance claim for you, that way you have the best chances at getting full coverage. On top of working with insurance companies, our fire damage restoration Boston unit also offer affordable prices on all of our services, further reassuring the customer of our dedication.

We know how to handle it, and we can get you back on track for a fresh start. If you experience a minor, or major fire that caused a lot of smoke and ash damage then give our fire damage restoration Boston at 911 Restoration Boston a call today!

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